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Amazing Wall upholstery Services in California

Commercial and residential wall upholstery services. Mansion Walls, Cinemas, Theater acoustic wall upholstery services. The art of upholstering a wall with perfection and beauty combined together.

Wall upholstery for mansions, cinemas, theater, and  restaurants. www.wallupholsteryinlosangeles.com
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The Finest Traditional Wall Upholstery in Los Angeles California

Wall Upholstery Los Angeles is a professional service provided by Manuel Lopez (master craftsman) a best known artisan veteran with the best traditional techniques in custom wall upholstery and new custom made walls designs for commercial or residential walls. With over 40 years in business upholstering walls for mansions, homes and commercial building. Mr. Lopez is the top hight ranking wall artisan for the Los Angeles county and surrounding cities. He designs or may re-upholster any wall residential wall home or mansion wall. Call for a FREE QUOTE in your location now (323) 706-9552.

Working with interior designers and local companies in Los Angeles California in Custom Wall Designs

All designers, companies and chain business in California are welcome to our upholstery business. We provide customer service with designers and local companies to work together according budget and time schedule provided for your business according to your necessities. For more info please give us a call or email us about your project.

Acoustic Walls Upholstered

We do acoustic wall upholstery services for cinemas and theaters or movie film building in California. Custom wall acoustic upholstered at your location. We do new building wall upholstery for film movie purposes. Acoustic wall upholstery is a commercial upholstery serviced provided by Manuel Lopez.

Upholsterers working for a commercial wall
Wall upholsterers and artisans working for a commercial wall upholstered in Los Angeles, CA.

Tufted walls for a high level of luxury for your business or just for your mansion or residential home. We carry amazing gorgeous fabrics for tufted walls with the perfect colors to match your design. We help our customer in fabric selections for any taste or custom wall upholstery project. Call for free quote (323) 706-9552 at any time. Serving every day, we never close our wall upholstery shop in Los Angeles, CA. Located at 1861 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016.

Custom Ceiling Treatment | Pleated Ceiling | Los Angeles

Ceiling upholstery and custom treatment or pleated ceiling services for commercial or residential walls. Ceiling upholstery services by Manuel Lopez. We also do custom mansion ceiling decoration upholstery with the perfect color fabric for any mansion or residential home.

mansion wall upholstered
Ceiling treatment custom made for a commercial business building decoration. The beauty of wall decoration.

Tufted Walls Upholstery Los Angeles, California

Tufted wall upholstered image by Manuel Lopez. Mansion Wall Upholstery

mansion wall upholstered
Tufted wall upholstered in Los Angeles. Mansion wall upholstery service by Manuel Lopez
Tufted custom made wall upholstered. Black color. Free estitame to all cusotmers.

Our Mision

Our goal has always been to provide the best wall design professional to all clients with the best possible customer service and reliable work done.

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Wall Upholstery Los Angeles

Wall upholstery Los Angeles is a premiere provider of custom wall upholstery, mansion wall upholstery, residential and commercial wall upholstery services for casinos, hotels, motels, nightclubs, theater, and cinemas. We can make tufted walls, ceiling pleated, and new custom made wall upholstery and re-upholstery. Manuel Lopez is a veteran artisan and master craftsman of wall upholstery serving the greater Los Angeles for the past 40 years of experience.

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