Bell Gardens Wall Upholstery

Bell Gardens Wall Upholstery Services Commercial and Residential

Wall upholstery in Bell Gardens California

Professional wall upholstery in Bell Gardens, CA. We provide custom wall upholstery services for commercial and residential walls for homes and commercial buildings. Custom design interior and ceiling upholstery fCustom made wall upholstery and furniture reupholstery in Bell Gardens California
or commercial uses. For over 40 years in business making custom wall upholstered with modern and traditional techniques combined for a better durability with hight quality upholstery materials for walls. Bounded and Insured by California.

Commercial Walls in Bell Gardens for Business:

Comercial wall upholstery services in Bell Gardens. Casinos, hotels, motels, theaters, cinemas, resorts, and nightclubs wall upholstery services.

Residential Wall Upholstery Bell Gardens

We custom mansion wall upholstery and reupholstery for local customer living in the community of Bell Gardens California.

Mansion Walls

Custom made mansion wall upholstery and reupholstery services in Bell Gardens California. Wall mansion upholstery, deluxe mansion walls custom reupholstery, fabrics for mansion walls available at our upholstery shop. Serving Bell Gardens with custom walls upholstery services for local residents living in the area.

Furniture Upholstery Bell Gardens

Manuel Lopez an expert and master craftsman is serving local wall upholstery services and also general furniture upholstery services such us: sofa upholstery, dinning chairs repair, restaurant booths upholstery, and patio cushions (outdoor upholstery) in Bell Gardens CA.


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Manuel Lopez (Master Craftsman for Walls)