Commercial Wall Upholstery Los Angeles

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Residential wall upholstery Los Angeles

Commercial Walls Upholstery Services for Commercial Buildings

Commercial wall upholstery services for commercial business such us: hotels, motels, casinos, nightclubs, churches and cinemas. We do new custom wall upholstery building interiors and wall decorations.

Commercial wall upholstery services:

Interior Wall Decoration Commercial Buildings

We do custom wall decoration for any commercial building with hight quality fire retardant fabrics available. Convert your wall into LUXURY DESIGN.

mansion wall upholstered
Commercial wall upholstered for a commercial building in Los Angeles California. The wall was tufted and padded with nice decoration.

Hotel Wall Upholstery

We do hotel and motel room wall upholstery services in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in California. Resort wall upholstery services Los Angeles, CA. Serving upholstery for hotels or resorts walls in Los Angeles California.

Hotel room wall upholstered in Los Angeles CA
Hotel room wall upholstered in Los Angeles California.

Restaurant Wall Upholstery

Custom made restaurant wall upholstery services for commercial restaurant business. Serving custom wall upholstery for restaurants in Los Angeles California. Quality beyond expectations for restaurant wall upholstery services. 40 years in business making restaurant booths and custom made wall upholstery for restaurants owners in California.

Call for free estimate to your location for restaurant wall upholstery category services (323) 706-9552. Manuel (Craftsman master) will help you with your project.